COMFORT is always at the top of my prority list. If you can’t take a nap on your sofa or have a chair that doesn’t fit all body types, you don’t have a comfortable room. A chic room is a cozy room!”

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Working with Joey was such a pleasure. Our shopping excursions were so much fun. He knows all the great places to shop for that just right item that pulls a space together. He has a great eye and really knows how to curate a space to bring out its best. He also has a great sense of composition, and most importantly (for me) he’s really great with color!
Hoyt, Downtown Seattle Condo



“My motto for great interior design work is always MIP-MAKE IT PERSONAL! A great house always reflect those that live in it. Favorite colors, art and photos are the special touches that makes a home special.
Pulling it all together and watching it all come together is exciting!”


Joey Jagod has spent the past 20+ years in the world of style and interior design. Joey started his career as the first male Fashion Director for Nordstrom and moved to the east coast with the company from his hometown of Seattle. From Nordstrom Joey spent the next 10 years in the New York fashion business working internationally for such companies as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and

From fashion he moved into the decorative home accessories market as the Director of Product Development and Merchandising for the pioneering retailer Eziba. At Eziba, he honed his appreciation of the impact of how the right accessories and colors can really bring a sparkle and magic to any home decor.

He furthered his interior design education at Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams where he was the Director of Store Design for two years opening stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Around this time Joey was being presented with several request to bring his interior design and style expertise to the homes of friends. One job lead to another and Jagod Designs was born.

Now Seattle based, Joey’s philosophy on interior design is that the client comes first. His job is to create the perfect environment that is comfortable, beautiful and a unique expression of those that live there. Jagod says “It’s a very personal collaboration to have a designer come into your home and I work very hard to deliver the dream home that all of my clients are after”.